Kingsbury Academy Mission

Kingsbury staff believes that all students can succeed and therefore it is our mission to work in partnership with families, students and the community to provide students with the necessary social, academic and emotional skills to be successful in life.

Kingsbury Academy Point System

A Point System is a vital part of the school's program. Students receive points as part of the behavior management program. The purpose of this system is to help students and teachers track the student's progress in behavior and to help modify inappropriate behaviors.

Kingsbury Academy Executive Status

Students earn Executive Status and are awarded a red or gray shirt after achieving 95-100 of their points for 40 consecutive days. Students must also satisfy an attendance policy. Reaching this level allows students to participate in extra-curricular activities during the school year and transition back to public school.

Kingsbury Academy

Partners in Learning

Kingsbury AcademyKingsbury Academy was developed at the request of the Marion County (Florida) School Board in 1993. Kingsbury Academy provides a structured learning environment and offers a variety of methods and materials that meet the individual needs of students, while maintaining clearly defined limits and strictly enforced consequences for inappropriate behavior.

Kingsbury Academy offers students the opportunity to acquire the academic and social skills that will allow them to return to their base schools and be successful. The curriculum addresses the Florida Sunshine State Standards with an additional focus on behavior modification, individualization, and small group instruction.

Kingsbury Academy Parent Involvement

Kingsbury Academy

Kingsbury AcademyAnnual Individual Educational Plan (IEP) reviews
Kingsbury AcademyRegular telephone calls from classroom staff
Kingsbury AcademySchool Advisory Committee
Kingsbury AcademyQuarterly parent activity night
Kingsbury AcademyTherapeutic and educational presentations
Kingsbury AcademyAwards assemblies
Kingsbury AcademyGraduation

Kingsbury Academy

Kingsbury Academy Title 1 Enhancements

Kingsbury Academy

Kingsbury AcademyReading Coach
Kingsbury AcademySuccessmaker
Kingsbury AcademyComputer lab in reading, math, and science
Kingsbury AcademyV-Tech Math
Kingsbury AcademyTicket to Read
Kingsbury AcademyIndividual Tutoring-Ruby Payne strategies
Kingsbury AcademyFCAT-Explorer in reading, math, and science
Kingsbury AcademyWaterford K-3
Kingsbury AcademySilent sustained reading daily

Kingsbury Academy